Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A change in direction and a change in heart

I find that things don’t always go according to plan, the expected is suddenly affected by the unexpected, and the only way to get back on track is by taking a complete change in direction.

Perhaps that is just a clever way of saying I must be going through the male menopause as my moods change with the weather. However its when the weather changes that I paint my more unusual paintings.

These two watercolours are recent examples of the thoughts that go through my head on the wetter days in my life.

They are full of meaning and how you interpret them is completely up to yourself... My own interpretation varies with the weather :-D

I was planning to have an easy time this year and take a “year out” to go “walk about” after the last company I worked for lost all their work to a competitor. I was looking forward to spending my free time developing and promoting my painting style, my photography and anything else that I could do that didn’t involve major stress and perhaps generate a penny or two. Im at the vulnerable age for strokes and heart attacks because I have blood pressure which could easily inflate my inflatable boat and thats on a calm day.

So what has changed ? I was TUPE’d across to the company that won the work. (By law..when a company takes over the work of another has to take on its employees on the same terms and conditions as they had)

I don’t believe in TUPE as I have already been TUPE’d once and I lost out regardless of what the law states. Its happening again and my new employer is trying to exploit the situation again. I also have far more stress in my life because of it.

So What’s new..the UK is in a recession so we must suffer ? ..fortunately Im in the lucky position that I have a choice ..I can still go walk abouts.

Im putting up with it for a little while to see how it settles ..but like the weather.. my mood can change very quickly.

If you have been following my latest adventure, I apologise for the mood I went through the last couple of days. For one reason or another I closed the blog to allow me to change direction.

Why ? Well like my paintings..I leave the interpretation up to yourselves :-D Keep following the blog and perhaps all will become clear.

In the mean time..I spent a year on the beautiful Island of Skye and have quite a collection of photos from it..I will start posting "the Magic of Skye" ..until I get back on track. I hope you will follow that adventure too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Donald

It's Adam here (of Sheena and Adam fame). Just a quickie to say that we've been dropping in on the blog for some time now. Genuinely inspired by your photographs, paintings and stories. So much so that we've started taking the camera with us whilst walking Rory to also try and capture some of the magic that the Scottish scenery has to offer. Most of Sheen's pics usually end up featuring a border terrier in the foreground though!

Glad you've decided to keep the blog online, we especially look forward to hearing about Vin Rouge's maiden voyage under her new skipper.


Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Adam and Sheena ..great to see you here and thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

A camera is a great way to learn to focus on the beautiful things in our world...I find it a great stress reliever too. I cant go a walk without one in my hand now

Dont worry ..the blog will stay open till Im done ..I had a slight hiccup to help a friend..thats all :-D

Im looking forward to the challenge of catching my first mackerel in Vin Rouge too. You can be sure I will brag about it on here first :-D