Friday, 18 March 2011

Skye and heading for Broadford

Most visitors to the Island will make a right turn once they cross the Skye bridge and start heading for Broadford ,Armadale , Portree, or wherever. The road is quite straight and fast so people tend to miss the quiet backwater and little bays of the coast before the islands airstrip. Its when I take the time to explorer places like those bays that time seems to slow down again.

I find that a camera is a great tool for relieving stress. It forces me to slow down and look for the scenic parts of the world. Nowadays, I can’t imagine going a walk without a camera. It would be like a fisherman going to a loch without a rod or a golfer going to a golf course without a set of clubs.

A couple of the little bays heading for Broadford after crossing the Skye Bridge.

Lovely views start opening up of the Red Cuillin and hills around Broadford as you drive along the road. Its not always lovely sunsets.. in fact .. its often just a sea of mist.. but when it is clear it is wonderful.

However when the sky starts to turn red at the end of the day.. you know you are in paradise.

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