Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Kilsyth Hills and Cort Ma Law

I did this walk in November but have decided to blog it so there there is some continuity to my hillwalks all within easy travelling distance from the central belt.

Although the hills are not high, the big advantage for me is I can do half a dozen local walks on the same amount of petrol as driving to one higher munro walk.

As you may have noticed, I like leaving my footprints on as many hills as possible but also like to save my carbon footprint so others may enjoy the same freedom in years to come.

Im also saving the longer journeys for the warmer weather when I get the boats back on the water. Im hoping to have a summer of adventure on the high seas and deep sea lochs off the north west coast of Scotland ... roll on summer :-D

This walk to Cort Ma Law starts at the car park on the Crow Road, just north of Lennoxtown. The car park is quite high and offers good views over the countryside before you even put your boots on.

But make the most of the relaxing view because as soon as you start walking, its straight up the steep slope to Crichton's Cairn. The views south get better by the minuite.

It can get a bit boggy so wear sensible footwear, and if you think the path is wet.. dont try leaving it or your feet may drown.

Like most hill walks in this area, once you get the initial climb behind you, the rest of the walk is on flat plateau and the paths are dotted with cairns to assist navigation in the mist

Eventually you come to the trig point on the summit of Cort Ma Law which is 531m high. The hill in the background is Meikle Bin which is the highest point of the Kilsyth Hills.

I still had a fair bit of energy left after summiting Cort Ma Law so started to head in the direction of Meikle Bin, with a half notion of climbing it too. This is a view looking dwn the valley towards Fintry and is about half way from Cort Ma Law towards Meikle Bin

I waded around in the boggy ground until I reached the forest at the foot of the Bin then followed it to see if there was an easy way through. I hate trying to push through thick forest plantations and have memories of a few difficult times doing so in the Galloway hills, where I got lost for a bit and then stuck in deep bogs. I finally broke free, scratched to pieces and very muddy

I decided agaist pushing through the forest so headed for Birkenbirn Reservoir instead. I was happy only getting wet feet with no scratched hands and face. Meikle Bin was for another day.

Returning by much the same route I came but this time I went closer to the escarpment to see the views. The warm air was condensing on the escarpment and spilling over in the form of clouds.

The City of Glasgow looked as pretty as the city of Glasgow can be.. and was quite atmospheric in the damp atmosphere. For some reason I started humming the words of the late Gerry Rafferty song when I took this photo.

Clouds to the left of me ... Jokers to the righ
Here I am ... Stuck in the middle with you.

RIP Gerry..your songs are still fondly remembered ..even at Cort Ma Law

Then all too soon, I was descending the slopes and heading back to the car. Another lovely day in the hills under my belt. I am also pleased to say my belt is getting looser again as I walk the xmas excess off nicely.

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blueskyscotland said...

Know what you mean about petrol.It,s either one tank to bag a more distant Munro or five or six good days out across the central belt on the same tank.The hills are just as good if there are new ones to explore.