Tuesday, 24 January 2012

First time seeing the sea at Ayr

Although the dog is very happy as a land lubber, she will also have to be an old sea dog and first mate in my boat. I intend exploring the sea lochs around the west coast of Scotland in far more depth this year, camping overnight in the better weather, beach combing and fishing for my supper. She will need to accompany me or get left behind.

I took her to Ayr at the weekend, to get a medical checkover by the family vet. Im glad to say she passed the MOT with flying colours and I was told that she has a good few miles left in her yet.

I then took the opportunity of being by the coast to introduce her to the sea. It was a very blustery day on the shorefront, with both wind and waves making lots of noise. Initially Holly was a bit timid seeing the sea, but she did go to sniff the edge of the water on her own accord.

I suppose it must have been quite trumatic in dog terms, seeing a seathing mass of white water constantly moving and changing shape ? Where does a dog bite such an adversary to put it into submission ?

Curiosity and the strange smells of a long dead seagull helped overcome her fear as she got a little bolder and tentativly dipped a doggie digit in the foaming water.

That is when the sea struck back to let her know who was boss and that it would show no mercy to anyone who was stupid enough to try and ebb its flow. Holly got cold feet, turned tail and fled.

But she soon settled on the sand and wanted to go walking. Time will tell if she will make a good sea dog but things are looking promising.

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