Monday, 23 January 2012

Holly at Jerah in the Ochils

So far, I am enjoying the dog's company and the work routine that is required in keeping one. I'm finding it is a very good way to break away from the hectic routine of my previous working life and into the more leisurely routine of not working.

Im still an early bird and after my breakfast, feed and water the dog, then its out into the morning rush hour, come hail, rain or sun. However, now Im walking the pavements and grassy areas near my home, instead of battling with hectic traffic on the way to work and a day of stress.

In my later years at work, I was mostly office bound but now Im back in the field and thoroughly enjoying the freedom to walk again and spend my day in the great outdoors. Holly is loving it too.

Im pleased to say that Holly seems to be a perfect hillwalking companion and although I doubt if she will ever stand on all Munro tops, at my time in life, I have no interest in doing that either.

Im still taking things easy with her and limiting our mid day walk to around three miles or so, but Im sure that will increase as she builds up her fitness too. She would probably go further as she doesn't look tired at the end but I dont want to push things.

Today was a beautiful sunny day although there was a bitter wind. I decided to stay off the tops so went a walk off the Sherrifmuir Road, past the Lossburn Resevoir to the ruined croft of Jerah. It is a three mile return valley walk on landrover track, just behind Dumyat. It was another first visit for me and Im pretty certain for Holly too. Its hard to believe that although I have lived in the area for sixteen years and walked all over Scotland, Im only now discovering the pleasures of my own "back yard".

Unfortunately, when I went to take my photographs during the walk, my camera said " CF card"

Yup..I had left the memory card in the computer, so I will have to return one day to get my photographs. I look forward to that day too although I will probably walk in from Menstrie next time, just for variety.

Not far from from the ruins of Jerah I was delighted to come across a beautiful tree full of red berries. I took a couple of sprigs home as a good omen. It was a Holly Tree :-D


Anonymous said...

thats a beautiful story <3

Donny Wilcox said...

Thanks for looking in Anonymous ..

I like a story with a happy ending too :-D