Saturday, 8 January 2011

Stirling and the old town cemetery

The thaw didn’t last for long before the snows of winter repainted our landscape again. Another four inches fell last night so I decided to keep off the hills today. Instead took a walk up the back walk of Stirling to the dead centre of the old town.

The sun shone brightly as I walked but I doubt if it had enough warmth to raise the temperature above freezing point. My mood was just as cold as I thought back to this time last year.

I took a walk up Stirling Back walk then too. My mind wasn’t really on the scenery , I was thinking of my father.

As I stood at Lady’s view, overlooking the carse of Stirling and Ben Lomond on the horizon, I recalled how cold it was then too.

I have always enjoyed walking among the stone memorials of old cemeteries and the one at the “Top o’ The Toon” has always been a favourite of mine.

Not because I am morbid or ghoulish or anything , but because I think it is nice to remember the people that came before us. They built this land and they gave us our life.

I was please to see the money spent recently repairing the cemetery and its memorials made it look so much better.

As I wandered around the cemetery, I thought back to how ill my father was at this time last year. I remembered the last time I saw him.

The sun was beginning to set on his life during that cold spell last January

I hope its a bit warmer where you are now dad.. but not too hot .. and also know you are remembered.

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