Thursday, 16 December 2010

Glencoe and the River Coe

Glencoe is often referred to as the Glen of Weeping perhaps because of reference to its bloody history and infamous massacre. It is named after the river Coe that runs through and it is the crystal clear water that make me think of a weeping glen. I have always found it a very moody and brooding place, even on the brightest of days.

Perhaps its because the valley runs east to west and the sun doesn’t reach the valley floor unless its high in a summer sky, I have always found it hard to capture the real moods of the glen in photographs. However, every once in a while I think I manage to get a photo that I’m happy with. Here are some of them. I hope they don’t make you feel like weeping, but I do hope they convey the mood of the glen and river to you.

A shaft of light breaks through the dark clouds to illuminate part of the hillside and the River Coe

The swollen River Coe running high after a day of non stop rain

The dancing falls of the river Coe near the Clachaig Inn

Snow melt heading to Loch Leven on a cold winters day

Crystal clear oxygenated water in the river coe, good enough to drink straight from the banks.

The river Coe bubbling and babbling between its banks on a very windy day

A cold Glencoe reflected on the calm waters of Loch Achtriochtan

A shaft of light adds to the mood of the dark glen

The remembrance monument to the massacre of Glencoe sits quietly beside the river Coe

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