Friday, 31 December 2010

Bruar Falls and the big freeze

The met office predicted a few days of thaw so yesterday I took the opportunity to head up the A9 now the roads are clear of snow. I like to stop at the House of Bruar, for a bite to eat and to look at the paintings in the gallery for some inspiration when I loose my own creative mood and don’t do any painting for a while.

I also like to walk up behind the shopping centre to Bruar falls. I wondered if there was much ice around. Going into the gully was like stepping into a deep freeze. There was little sign of a thaw at the waterfalls. Not much else to tell about them so enjoy the photos

I have quite a few plans and resolutions for 2011 so stay tuned and you will find out what they are. In the mean time I hope you all find some time to chill out and have a cool New Year. Thanks for looking in on my blog over the past year.

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