Friday, 24 September 2010

Loch Hourn and the Pictish Brochs

After my walk to Sandaig, the weather was still too changeable to chance venturing onto loch Hourn in my inflatable so I decided to introduce a little history into my afternoon walk. I went to see the remains of some of the many Pictish Brochs in the area. They date from 2000 years ago and were the early Picts version of a castle. Built from two concentric walls, they had stairs built in the cavity to the top floor or roof. Quite a feat in early engineering to last the Scottish weather for that amount of time.

Dun Telve Broch which was almost ten meters high.

The smaller Dun Troddan Broch.

Not far from the brochs I discovered another interesting structure although Im pretty certain its not 2000 years old. It looks more like a Swiss Chalets than a Scottish croft. I guess they have not found a way to get the lawn mower onto the roof yet.

I then made my way round Loch Duich and Ratagan to look for another ruined broch. The blustery weather continued as I stopped to photograph the Five Sisters of Kintail

I found the third broch buried in the hillside after a lovely walk at Totaig. It was in a far worse state of repair than the other two but just as interesting.

However it was the views from the top of the hill , looking over Loch Duich to Dornie and Loch Long that really made the walk worth while.

On the way bach to Glenelg, I stopped on the shores of Loch Duich to collect some mussels from my dinner. I was still trying to survive off the land and sea as much as possible. The mussels made a nice stew.

I thought the fence and seaweed really made this photo of the Five Sisters

Back at Loch Hourn, I watched the squalls scream across the water but at least it looked calmer and brighter. The forecast for the morning was light winds so I was in no hurry.

That evening, I parked the car overlooking the Sound of Sleat and watched the sunset over the Cuillin of Skye.

Then I awoke to a bright morning with hardly any wind. It was time to inflate the inflatable again and another journey was about to begin

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Carol said...

Those are truly beautiful photos (as are the other loch trips of yours I've just been reading).

You have a very inspiring blog - I bought an inflatable rowing boat a few years back but I've only really taken it on Loch Quoich (to try to reach Sgurr Mor) - I had a pretty rough trip as it was much windier than the forecast suggested!