Thursday, 16 September 2010

Gigha by foot

I soon fell asleep listening to the gentle waves lapping on the sandy beach but then awoke to the rhythmic clanking of a fishing boat as she headed to open sea in the early morning alpenglow.

I felt at peace with the world. The water was flat calm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Summer had arrived at last after a wet and windy start to August.

After breakfast we decide to climb the little hill behind our campsite to see the views. Although the hill wasn’t high , it was the highest point in northern Gigha and offered superb views. This view is looking back down into the bay we camped in.

Looking west, the twin beaches leading to Eilean Garbh came into view

Looking south west was a view over West Tarbet Bay and as I looked, I could see in my minds eye, the places we passed the day before.

Looking south east I could see the coast we had yet to discover.

Looking north, the Islay ferry crossed the northern reefs on its way to the mainland. The atmosphere was so clear I could see Ben More on Mull, at least I think it was, as my geography is not so good nowadays.

We then walked down to the twin beaches. The southern one was not so sandy but was still very pretty with its wild daisys.

I could see why the northern beach is said to be the Queen’s favourite beach in the whole of the kingdom.

Jura dominated the views to the west as we made our way back to the campsite.

The sun was now shining down on the little bay, and looking at this photo, you could be forgiven for thinking Gigha was a remote Caribbean Island

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