Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Loch Leven and the Caolas nan Con narrows

After my mackerel lunch, I decided to explore the upper parts of Loch Leven and to see how both the inflatable boat and my head could handle some tidal currents. I had heard that the tides flows in the narrows of Caolas nan Con at speeds up to 5 knots, not that I knew what a knot was but it sounded fast ?

Because there was no wind to chop up the water and the tide was half way out, I thought it was an ideal time to try going through the narrows. The scenery reflected in the calm waters of the loch on the way to the narrows must be among some of the best views in Scotland.

The sun broke through the early evening summer haze, illuminating the hills as I approached Caolas nan Con. I could see small swirls and boils appear on the flat surface of the water as the tided flowed like a river towards me

The boat took it all in its stride while the outboard purred happily on tick over. I was gaining ground against the tide without breaking sweat, I even managed to catch two small Pollack while trolling my fishing lure in the currents. I returned them safely to the water because I had been spoiled by my mackerel lunch.

However I didn’t return this small sea trout. It was the sweetest tasting fish of the day.

It was good fun going back through the narrows, this time with the tide carrying the boat and the outboard on full power. I felt a bit like a boy racer in his new car. I soon got bored playing in the current as I discovered all that happened was the boat went faster going with the flow and slowed down a little as I fought against it. It still steered in a straight line and so did my head.

I then went about my business of photographing the reflections of this part of the loch. Perhaps its because I like to have all my ducks in a line, but I really love the symmetry of photographs with reflections. I guess if I can be thought of as having a photographic style ..it must include reflections.

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