Friday, 20 August 2010

Cast into the wilderness .....

I have read that the north west of Scotland is one of the last great wildernesses left in Europe. I have been struggling a little with my work and lifestyle lately so in an effort to find myself again, I have packed my inflatable inheritance and tent into the car and I am heading for that great wilderness to witness it first hand.

I have my fishing rod and a newly acquired lobster pot in the hope that I can live off my own means as much as possible. I have yet to learn how to set a lobster pot, but if I am starving, a few crabs and mussels are better than nothing. ( I will supplement my diet with the odd visit to the local stores, when I find them but will be on a very strict budget)

I’m not sure how I will get on, all on my lonesome, but I have been looking forward to the challenge for a while. The long range weather forecast is for very changeable weather which I guess means high winds and lots of rain, but then, it wouldn’t be a wilderness if it was any other way.

I will document my journey in the usual way on this blog when I return. It may be in a day or two before I post, if I can’t survive the solitude, or it may be a week or two if I can.

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