Friday, 20 August 2010

Loch Craignish in a little more detail

Once I realised that although the surface of the sea was constantly swirling and moving in the tide race, there were no downward currents to pull the inflatable under the water, it just wanted to carry me along with its flow. I went with the flow until I got bored and used the outboard engine to get me back to Island Macaskin. I wanted to stretch my legs, and look at the island in more detail. I landed again at the little rocky bay beside the crofts. This time the tide was almost full out.

I explored the little nooks and crannies in the bay looking for nature’s abstract patterns and this is what I found.

Heading for home, I was passing the isle of Eilean Righ, which is the largest island in Loch Craignish and is inhabited. I heard the roar of a powerful engine coming down the loch and then witnessed a very graceful take off when the owner of the island reached flying speed in his seaplane and headed off for the weekend shopping. I guess I did envy him a little, for all I had for my weekends shopping was the mackerel in my boat.

Before heading for home I stopped at the little churchyard on the Craignish peninsula, beside my launch point and had a look at the sculptured stones in the graveyard.

Looking at the stones, I thought back to my first visit when I lost my camera to the sea. I now left quit happy that I had thoroughly experienced the area and captured the atmosphere of my thoughts and the scenery in my blog.

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