Monday, 26 August 2013

The Bridge across the Atlantic Ocean

The pirate ship didnt stand a chance of catching me once I put the boat on the plane and surfed over the sea towards Scotland's Bridge across the Atlantic Ocean.

Its actually called Clachan Bridge and connects the Island of Seil to the mainland. I didnt pass under it as it was already getting quite shallow and it dries to a thin trickle when the tide goes out.

I headed for the secret yacht moorings hidden behind Eilean Nam Beathach instead. There were a few yachts at anchor in the quiet backwaters. I could see why it is considered one of the best mooring sites on the west of Scotland.. especially as the Clachan Bar was only a 5 minute walk which made it even more attractive.

I was very keen to see the next section of coast line because, many years ago.. I was at a scout jamboree at Ardencaple. Those childhood memories have lived with me all my life. I passed my sea scouts oarsman badge there which was my first formal boating experience. I have tried to revisit Ardencaple by land in the past, but found I couldn't as it is a private estate. I wanted to see if I could remember the place as I imagined it.

I passed by Ardfad bay and although I dont remember the seals..I wondered if I could recall the large square rock ? .. it looked quite distinctive in the flattish area.

Further on I passed the slipway which would belong to Ardencaple Estate..but I didn't recognise it. I suppose childhood memories can get distorted a bit as I seemed to recall a little stone harbour there ?

With childhood memories still in my head, I continued round the coast line of the Island of Seil and headed for the Sound of Inch. It separates the Island of Seil from Inch Island.

It was not yet noon and I had travelled further than I could ever dream of travelling in my smaller boats, so I stopped below these impressive cliffs to try a little fishing. The water was very deep ..but within minutes I had several mackerel pulled to the surface.

Once I had caught enough for my dinner.. I then headed for the village of Easdale....


Bursledon Blogger said...

Great trip, that anchorage in Puilladobhrain(apologies for spelling) is one of of the most spectacular places - sadly I haven't been for years

Anonymous said...

Hi there Donny, regular visiter, missing your blog, any adventures coming soon?
Carl from West Yorkshire

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Bursledon was a beautiful spot for a mooring.. sorry it seems like years since I posted..but I intend starting again ..thanks for your comment

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi to you to Carl. yup..Im hoping to get more adventures going. Or backdate some from last year. Life just got in the way of my blogging..but Im getting control of it again :-D

Hope you keep following ..

Inflatables Guide said...

Wow, just wow. What an incredible beautiful landscape! That Clachan bridge looks like something straight out of the Lord of the Rings. Keep it up :O