Thursday, 15 August 2013

End of the Gurnard's First Voyage

If you wonder where I have been, I have not been lost or drowned at sea in my new second hand inflatable, I have been too busy customising it to my needs and having several adventures that I could only dream about in my little inflatables. I will post those in due course.. but first.. it time to finish my tale of its first voyage in Loch Etive.

There were boats of all shapes and sizes on Loch Etive that wonderful summer's day. Im pleased for this couple that the wind and waves never got up. The term .... "Dont overload your boat" .. comes to mind. However they must have had a very memorably trip in their inflatable canoe in the heat wave.

I stopped for a late lunch on the sandy shores to the west of Ben Starav. I had to really struggle to keep myself from falling asleep after lunch. I was worried that at any moment I would awaken and find the day was all just a dream.

I decided to head to the west end of Loch Etive past the Bonawe narrows to see if there were any waves around. I was curious to see how she would handle a little chop. There were no waves there either...just a deep blue mirror.

I played in the tidal flows to the east of Connel Bridge and the Falls of Laura. It was now low tide so I didnt want to try going over the falls in case I struck the ground or a rock. Its a very fast flow I will try it one day when the tide is in, so Im certain there is water depth.

Then I headed back to the Old Quarry at the narrows. I wanted to waste an hour or so to let the tide turn and start going up the beach a little at Kelly's pier. I dropped my fishing line and pulled out a fat little cod from the murky depths. Im glad my first fish was a Gurnard "The Old Cod" ..doesnt have quite the same ring to it as .. "The Gurnard"..the new name of my inflatable. I let the cod go again as Im no cod lover.

Then I headed for Kelly's pier and the recovery of my boat. I floated it onto its trailer but then found the full weight too heavy to pull out the water. I tied a long rope to the trailer.. put the 4x4 car on the beach and hauled it out that way.. it was then as easy as changing gear :-D

Satisfied that the engine seemed reliable and that the boat was steady enough.. I now couldn't wait to take her out to sea... that adventure.. coming soon :-D

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