Saturday, 20 July 2013

The New SIB (Soft Inflatable Boat)

I collected my new inflatable boat last night.

Its a 2005 Mercury Quicksilver 4.3 meter HD inflatable with aluminium floors. Compared to my little Seago 2.6 meter inflatable.. this boat is huge :-D

The power plant is also huge compared to my Mariner 3.3hp 2 stroke. This boat is powered by a 25hp 2 stroke ..again made in 2005 but both boat and engine are in very good condition.

I had hoped to launch her today as temperatures are still soaring in the late 20C's but I checked the trailer wheel bearings before towing her far and found they were a bit pitted.

Rather than risk a wheel fall off, I decided to get new bearings today and replace the old ones. Everything is ready now for my maiden voyage tomorrow and Im heading to Loch Etive. I will post more on my new aquisition after the maiden voyage.. but here she is as I collected her last night.

Hopefully I will have many more inflatable boat journeys in this craft.. pushing my horizons even further out to sea.....


blueskyscotland said...

Looking forward to reading of your adventures again Donny. Looks a cracking boat.

dang1 said...


Donny Wilcox said...

Thank for dropping by dang1 ..hope you enjoy reading about the maiden voyage (for me) in this boat