Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Metabolic Transformation of DonnyW

You may wonder what I’m up to now that I have “retired” from the pressures of a fast paced industry which was making little money. Well, wonder no more as I can assure you that I am delighted to be out of the rat race.

I admit that it is a bit premature for some as I am only 56 years old and have no money income what'so'ever. However, if you have been following my blog, you may realise that I consider my wealth is my good health and also my love of the outdoors.

I’m not really one for materialistic possessions simply because I believe my happiness stems from my freedom. Possessions tend to bog that down. Example, if I had an expensive car, I would only worry about leaving it parked somewhere as I went boating for a few days. I doubt if many would be interested in stealing my 10 year old Toyota so I have little worries abandoning it for a week or so.

I do have a few savings that will keep me going for a while in my simplistic lifestyle, but I also realise from my pervious boating adventures to the wilderness of Scotland, that I must fish for the mackerel or collect the shellfish to fill my belly on the lean days. It is all part of the challenge that I enjoy so much.

So at the moment I’m learning to “fish” to hopefully supplement my savings. Im doing this by setting up my own web site where I hope to start fulfilling a life long dream of being a self sufficient artist and photographer. Its early days yet to know if I will succeed, but a caterpillar has to turn into a cocoon before it can become the butterfly. I think of myself as the cocoon in the metabolic transformation to fulfil my dreams. I am also quite positive about my self survival.

Its still very much under construction, but you can see my web site at the following link...



Douglas Wilcox said...

Go for it and good luck Donald!


blueskyscotland said...

Best of luck following your dreams.
You have got artistic talent. Graphic novels seem to sell well at the moment.Not really my thing but If it gets made into a film(Like Tamara Drewe).....well... its big bucks time which will allow you to do whatever you want for a good few years to come.Your current change of lifestyle you describe might make a good subject.Just a thought:)

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi again Douglas and Bob, thanks for looking in and the idea plus encouragement.

I realise it will be tough to begin with and also that it may never take off the ground, but better in my last few years of working life than in the first few years when I left school.. then I would have had a whole lifetime to regret it if it proves a failure.

Now... as long as I can suppliment my pocket money..I will be happy ..and I can never again say.. I regret not following my heart in an art career :D

Chris said...

I'm a little late posting this but I've just read your blog and it struck a chord. I too am contemplating early retirement so I sympathise with your concerns and share your anticipation about life after a regular job. I hope it's all working well for you and wish you all the best for 2012.

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Chris, good to see you here and thanks for your best wishes of 2012 :-D

Im loving the early retirement. Its great to sleep all night and not worry about stressful work related things :-D

My only concern is watching my savings go.. but Im a stingy Scotsman so they should last a good while :-o

Best wishes to you for 2012 too