Friday, 2 December 2011

Finnich Glen or was it Wonderland ?

I have a few home chores that I want out the way first, then I hope to start concentrating on my paintings. I was surfing the net looking for locations that could possibly inspire backdrops for some fairy tale pictures. That is when I found out about Finnich Gorge. It was on Alex and Bob’s Blue Sky Scotland Blog so thanks for that guys. I never knew such a place existed, yet I live only twenty odd miles away.

Yesterday I went to see it for myself. Did I get inspired ? Read on and you will find out.

It was a funny kind of morning..It was bright when I left the house and I was full of anticipation of seeing the Gorge and wondering what I would see there. As I got closer, the sky started to darken and some thunder rumbled in the distance. I climbed over the barbed wire and wall. It is to keep people out as it is considered to dangerous a place for the public ?

There was a magical feeling in the woods behind the wall. Huge ‘shrooms grew out of the trees and although it is winter time, there was a vibrant green moss everywhere. I thought of Alice in Wonderland when I saw the fungi. “Eat me” they seemed to say.

I resisted the temptation, but I think it still put a spell on me. The undergrowth seemed to start whispering to me as it swayed in the breeze “come over here.. “ “this way..” “come over here ..”

I followed the whispers wondering where they would take me... “down here Donald ..down here ... “ I looked down in amazement. I was standing at the top of the rabbit hole that Alice fell down.

I edged forward very carefully and discovered an ancient flight of stone stairs descending deep into the ground. The top of the stair was guarded by an old tree Ent. You can make out its face in this photo.

It whispered. “Curiosity killed the cat Danald” I ignored it and passed under its ancient boughs. The staircase was very very steep and disappeared round a dark corner far below.

The steps were very slippery with green slime and wet leaves. After descending for what seemed to be forever, they became very narrow. A waterfall was pouring down them and at one point..the steps were folded into a flat some kind of deadly trap. I edged onwards slowly but surely, ever downwards .....

High on the mossy walls, far above me, I could just make out the inscription “ DIE” .It certainly is a very atmospheric gorge.

Sadly, I think someone did die, at least if he is not buried under this fallen step, he will be forever remembered in the depths if this remarkable place.

To be continued ....

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