Saturday, 11 August 2012

Loch Goil and the Mackie Bash

Its hard to believe that a month has past since my last post ?
Where has time gone ? Where has summer gone ?

Actually, Im very happy that summer finally seems to have arrived after such a wet and windy June and July. I have had one or two boat adventures lately and will catch up on them after I return from a weeks holiday next week. During this time, I will be living in the wilds and eating only my catch from the sea and the few berries that I find .. if I dont catch fish..I eat the bait .. so watch out for those adventures on my return.

In the meantime what happened to my regular posts ?

On my return to work..yup..and Im still working.. I found it very hard to motivate myself at weekends as my energy seemed drained after my six months in retiral paradise :-D

As well as working full time in my old industry ..I am still pooch painting and walking my own dog.. so I found little time for blogging :(

Today I enjoyed a well earned rest and day out on Loch Goil with a work mate and his son J. While I ghillied, they had a fishing competition and sadly for dad.. young J won.

I think he caught 12 mackerel to dad's 8 ? If Im wrong with the count , Im sure I will be told on return to work

We went down loch Goil in the hard shell boat and landed for a leg stretch where it opens into Loch Long.

Adrian and J look pretty please with each other because they both had six mackerel each at this stage.

J looks on as dad hooks another mackerel..however J's looks of concern soon turned to joy when dad lost this fish. It meant that J was still two fish ahead of his dad.

We stopped for another break and I lit the disposible BBQ. It was the first time J and his dad had tasted fresh fish.

By fresh.. Im mean pulled out the water and put on the BBQ before it has time to stop flapping.

Their verdict of fresh fish..

Wow..delicious..lets get some more for the pot :-D

A gread day out was had by all.

Thanks for your company guys and you are welcome back in the boat anytime :-D
Enjoy the rest of your mackerel.


Chris said...

Good to see you're still getting out Donny (and in my neck of the woods as well). My friend and I camped from our sailing canoes at Mark Ferry Cottage (just around the corner on Loch Long) recently and he caught some mackerel, as you say absolutely delicious fresh!

Donny Wilcox said...

Hi Chris ..good to see you around. I have a soft spot for Loch Goil ..especially in an East wind is it remains very sheltered. I know the cottage you stayed at and it is a paradise spot. The mackerel were in force on Loch Goil..but I have since found the onces in the Forth are twice as big..I have some from Burntisland for the pot tonight :-D

jdinflatables said...

This info is virtually identical to one I've used many times. It's great.!