Friday, 17 February 2012

Pooch Paintings

Although I consider myself retired from the industry I grew up in, I will eventually have to find some other way to help pay the bills. I dont require much as I made the concious decision to give up many of the useless materialistic possessions that cluttered my life and which, in reality, contributed little to my happiness. I now want to follow my choices in life rather than follow the directions pf an industry which is only interested in making money for itself and where I was no more than a name and number.

So what are my plans for my future ?

Im sensible enought to realise that life requires more than just walking in the hills and boating in the sea lochs. Im hoping to suppliment my survival by starting to explore and exploit my own unique and natural talents. I have not used them much in the past and always considered that I was wasting a "gift" by not giving the time to my creative side.

One of the things in my life that I want to develop much further is my artistic side. Its been hard to know the best way to do this and I have often racked my brains thinking of the best approach to do this.

Its funny how things often happen unexpectedly and can open new doors if only we take the time to look for them ?

Holly, the rescue Staffy was an unexpected occurance in my life. Im very happy to say we both seem to thriving on our relationship. She is getting fitter with the long walks and good diet. Her bald patches and skin problems are clearing. She has a caring owner and is settling in nicely.

Im getting fitter with the long walks and not "comfort" eating as much as I did when working. Im much happier with my weight and with myself. Im enjoying the dogs company and it is opening a new door for me in my art. I have started Pooch Painting by painting Holly and I now have two commissions from people who have seen the paintings :-D

That is why I didn't post much this week..
I was too busy doing these watercolours of Holly. I am very happy that I seem to have captured her character well.

In this painting, she is half sleeping in her bed and quite content, dreaming of her next walk in the Ochil Hills.

In this painting, she has been gently scolded for jumping onto my sofa and cushion. She knows that I dont allow that, so does the doggie equivalent of pouting a lip like a spoiled kid, hoping that I will give in. (I often do too)

Clicking on the paintings will bring up a larger image.

Im needing practise in polishing my pooch painting skills so if you are a dog lover and would like your pooch painted in my style.. then dont be afraid to contact me

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