Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Trossachs and Loch Katrine

I normally park the car at the eastern end , where the harbour is, then start cycling around the private road on the northern edge of the loch. Its around twelve miles to Stronlachlachur where I then cycle back the way I came. Its an energetic journey as its full of ups and downs but it is well worth the effort, especially on a lovely autumn day. Here are some view all taken for within the first mile of the car park.

The road is private but cyclists are allowed to use it. It can be quite hilly so a full return journey to Stronlachacher is only for the fit.

Ben Venue towers over the south east end of the loch. Its steep slopes prevented the road from being built right round the loch.

The loch can be quite narrow at parts near the eastern end before it open out into its full width.

A couple of islands reflect on the still water just before the loch starts to open out.

The autumn trees add a splash of colour to the south bank as the loch starts to get wider.

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